The 3 C’s: Tips for Purchasing a Vehicle Service Contract

Purchasing a vehicle service contract can be a confusing and intimidating process. There’s a lot to consider and, in some cases, a lot of money involved. That’s why we’re here to help take the guesswork out of the decision-making process and make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for. It’s easy. All you have to do is remember the three C’s of service contracts – cost, coverage and commitment.

First, you’ll want to determine if the car is worth the added investment. Do you plan on putting a lot of miles on it? Does the particular make and model have a history of needing frequent repairs?

You’ll also want to keep in mind that just because a plan is cheaper, that doesn’t mean that it’s better. In some cases, a company might sell you a less expensive plan that doesn’t provide the same level of coverage. Look for a good service contract that can offer you exceptional long-term savings and value. A few things to consider in association with the cost of your plan include:

• 24-hour technical assistance and access to qualified service professionals
• Value-added extras such as discounts on hotels and restaurants, rental car benefits, locksmith services and 24-hour roadside assistance
• Paying in advance could save you money later at the time of service
• In some cases, a service plan can pay for itself in just one repair

Next, consider the vehicle type and the best type of coverage for it. For instance, if you have a vehicle that you intend to keep for long time, you’ll want a plan that takes high mileage into account. At the opposite end of that spectrum, if you simply want to protect your vehicle’s appearance, a supplementary protection plan is probably in your best interest. Warrantech has several options you can choose from that encompass a wide variety of services:

• CustomEdge Plus – Provides you with the flexibility to pick your plan, length of coverage, miles of coverage and deductible
• RepairMaster Service Drive – Complete coverage for cars, trucks and SUVs
• MileEdge – Perfect for unpredictable, high-mileage vehicles, this plan covers costs associated with an automobile breakdown
• SecureEdge – Covers costs to repair or replace any breakdown of parts, except engine, turbocharger/supercharger, transmission, transfer case and drive axle components
• OwnerEdge – Offers powertrain vehicle protection
• PowerEdge – For motorcycles, scooters, ATVs, snowmobiles and other recreational vehicles
• CampersEdge – For motorhomes, travel trailers, fifth wheels, pop-ups and slide-ins

Finally, keep in mind that as the owner of the service contract, you are responsible for fulfilling the terms and conditions outlined within. As such, you’ll want to:

• Read the contract paperwork carefully and make sure you understand the coverages and exclusions
• Follow all the manufacturer’s recommendations for routine maintenance. Failure to comply with these requirements could void the contract
• Register your plan online if the provider has a website page that allows you to do so
• Keep your contract paperwork, receipts, maintenance reports and contact numbers in a safe place where you can easily access them. This will make ownership and claim submission simple and easy

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