Did you check your car this month asks Warrantech

Extended Warranty giant, Warrantech not only takes care of your warranty needs but also keeps providing tips and suggestions to maintain your automobiles and electronic items in their best health. Warrantech is reckoned as one of the best and biggest extended warranty provider all across the USA. The month of October witnesses an increase in the maintenance activities of car owners since October has been earmarked as the Fall Car Care Month.

While talking to experts at Warrantech we were able to delve on the logic of why October has been earmarked as the Fall Car Care Month. At the end of October the temperature starts falling as it signifies the start of the winter season. Winter season is not only harsh on human beings it is equally harsh on your vehicles. Thus you need to make sure that your automobiles are ready to face the fury of nature in the form of snow and freezing temperature.

Warrantech advises all car owners to get ready for the winters so that they don’t face any problem while driving around their automobiles in the winters since a breakdown in the freezing temperatures may spell a doom for you or for one of your family members if they are driving long distances.

Make sure to check the battery first and foremost. Check for battery connections. Make sure they are clean, tight and corrosion free. Batteries are the worst affected in low temperatures thus it is advisable to check the battery and the charging system. Apart from that make sure to replace batteries that are more than 3 years old. Batteries are an essential part of the automobile and many people lean the importance of a battery the hard way.

Next check to make sure the HVAC is working, which is the heating, cooling and the air conditioner of your vehicle. The heating system will keep you warm while you drive around in the cold weather. The cooling system needs to be in order so that the vital parts of the engine are protected from overheating and optimum performance. In case your air conditioner goes out of order just because you failed to get it checked on time the repair costs will be quite high. Working of all these systems is important for internal comfort and optimum performance of the vehicle.

Apart from that wiper blades need to be in perfect working condition. If you have not changed your wiper blades for the last 6 months make sure you get them changed as soon as possible since they will be quite essential while driving in bad weather. Check for the fluid level in the windshield washer reservoir.

Tires are the most essential part of the vehicle since there rubber parts filled with air will take you to your desired location. You need to make sure that they have the optimum air pressure and the optimum tread on them. Check for uneven wear since your vehicle may be asking for a wheel alignment which becomes almost essential after your drive your vehicle for a few thousand miles. Tire pressure needs to be checked weekly since pressure will decrease in low temperatures.

Don’t forget the brakes. Make sure your braking system is in order since the braking system is quite important for your safety especially driving in snow and bad weather. Keep your vehicle in the best shape and drive safely during the winters. Even if you are maintaining your vehicle by the manufacturer’s book still it’s better to get your vehicle checked to gear up for the winter season.

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