Core Competencies of Warrantech that make it a brand apart

Warrantech has emerged as a leader for extended warranty and underwriting services not only with dealers and institutional sellers but also with direct consumers. Warratech is an AmTrust Financial Company that has come a long way in terms of wining the customer’s confidence and has retained its position as a market leader in the extended warranty sector. Warrantech has taken the lead in providing services that many of its competitors still lack and will not be able to catch up with Warrantech even in the next few years.

Warrantech’s Direct Marketing

Warrantech is the market leader in providing service plans directly to customers via their sophisticated, multi-faceted programs. The marketing campaigns at Warrnatech involve several sophisticated strategies that are responsible for new customer acquisition. Direct mail solicitation from qualified non Warrantech customers, mail and telemarketing to consumers on behalf of dealers to consumers who did not purchase a service plan while making a purchase. Another strategy that helps Warrantech in retaining its existing consumers is the direct mail and call to consumers whose service contract is about to expire in a few days. This also acts as a reminder to the consumer who really needs it to renew his or her service contract.

Call Center enables Warrantech to serve customers 24×7

Warrantech has an exclusive call center with 400 seats that works 24×7 to service its existing customers who need information on their service contracts. Almost everyone in the call center is AES certified up to the master level. Thus people conducting business with Warrantech have easy access to any information they require at any time of the day.

Customer Care Solutions from Warrantech for ESPs

While selling extended warranty services to their consumers dealers tend to know how these consumers will be dealt once they are conducting business with someone who is beyond the dealer’s control. This is where Warrantech has worked efficiently. Warrantech makes sure that every customer inquiry and claim is taken up seriously. Enough research has gone into making the process easy and seamless to ensure the clients receive their calm and answers for their inquiry in a timely manner. Warrantech has a structured way to work with their clients that provides for seamless movement of claims and ensures customer satisfaction.

Warrantech’s Program Design & Implementation

Program design and implementation at Warrantech is carried out with due diligence so that clients don’t have a problem with any of the products that has been covered through Warrantech. For this Warrantech undertakes risk analysis for the products it is covering and evaluates the program that is designed by a team of experts so that Warrantech can provide the best customer service to consumers and make a profitable solution for their clients. Once this is over a business process is carved that is done after taking the organizational structure of the clients’ business in consideration as this will involve a day to day basis working.

Training & Development with Warrantech

The process does not stop at Program Design & Implementation. Training and development of the staff is taken care of by Warrantech as organizations selling Extended Warranty Plans need to train and educate their work staff so that they don’t have a problem in getting their ideas across to the customers who maybe game for a Extended warranty Plan.

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