Handling Automotive Extended Warranty Frauds with Warrantech

Frauds regarding third party extended warranty are not uncommon these days according to a high placed official in Warrantech. According to people working at Warrantech frauds regarding third party extended warranty especially in the automotive sector have given a bad name even to the most genuine companies like Warrantech in the industry. People generally fall into the sweet talking executives who are entrusted with a particular target for a month and the consumer is at the receiving end who usually finds themself in trouble after he has signed the contract and made the final payment.

A third party warranty is one that is provided by an organization that has no direct relationship with the product it is covering. Generally manufacturer warranty costs more than the third party warranty and has many other benefits if purchased from market leaders like Warrantech which has been in business for a long time.

While purchasing a third party automobile extended warranty from one of the companies it is essential that you run a search for it on Google and other search engines to make sure that they hold a good reputation at least on the message boards and the Better Business Bureau’s websites.

You need to know what exactly is covered in the extended warranty. Many people have a tendency of comparing it with the original bumper to bumper warranty which is absolutely wrong. A bumper to bumper warranty will cover many a things that cannot be covered in an extended warranty informs a top official from Warrantech. One should take these extended warranties as something that will be used to pay in cases where high priced repairs are required. If you read the documents or talk to your sales person in detail you will be a in a better position to know what exactly is covered and what is not. This is of utmost importance so that a person who is getting extended warranty does not run into any surprises at a later stage.

Professionals with Warrantech advise not to fall for the catch of “Your warranty is about to expire.” You should check properly for the manufacturer’s warranty. Make sure you have the paperwork along with you and check in it when your warranty is over. It is best to talk to the people who have been carrying the warranty for you and check with them the date till your warranty is in place.

Many of the crooks in the industry will try to scare you with your VIN and tell you they will blacklist you if you do not buy warranty from them. Do not fall into that trip. No such lists ever existed. Your vehicle can never be blacklisted for not buying warranty from a particular company. Apart from that do not fall for the special limited time offers which are often offered by fast talking call center employees that will trick you into buying the warranty without you doing any research. A reputable company will make sure that you have a copy of a contract in your hands before hand, go through all their terms and conditions and then decide whether you really need the warranty or not.

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